Elevated Arts is proud to offer an eclectic blend of programming to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Class Offerings

We offer a wide variety of fitness classes to help you meet your goals.  Check our our list of class offerings, or to jump right in to the current schedule, head over to our online class portal to view the full description of the classes, see what is currently offered, and to register for classes!


Our team of fitness instructors comes from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Check out their individual bios on the Instructor link here. 

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Our pole fitness options are usually new territory for our clients.  Check out our FAQ page for answers you may have when preparing for your first class.  Our best advice - come on in for a swing!  We think you'll be hooked after that!


We are not your typical gym environment.  You'll find no cardio machines and no free-weights. You will find a light filled studio, fun programming, and a mix of classes that use your body weight and leverage for resistance.  Our new studio has 7 poles. Five are 45mm spin/static and Two are 40mm spin/static. We also have 2 lyra (one single point and one double point) and 2 Fly-Gym units. 

Class Attendance

Classes at Elevated Arts are offered in a variety of formats: drop-in, session-based, and monthly memberships.  Drop-in classes are ongoing, and you may begin classes at any time. Session based classes are multi-week in format, and are approximately 8 weeks in length. Monthly memberships cover certain sets of classes  in a once a week, twice a week, or an unlimited visit option. For more information about class rates, please visit our Class Pricing Page.

Elevated Arts

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